LOMBRICOR is a wormfarmer´s cooperative, which began operating in the market in 2001.

Dedicated to the development and manufacture of Vermicompost and its derivatives, Humic Acids and Organic Products for Agriculture.

We have over 12 years of experience in producing a higher quality vermicompost superior quality, with regards to fertilization and soil improvement, through experience in fields of our clients, with proven productivity and quality of results both in agriculture and in the garden.

Since 2005, the year in which we bet for our business, with the modernization of our facilities and equipment, we have experienced an increase in the volume of our production, mainly by the gradual growth of organic fertilizers compared to agrochemicals, as well as our belief in the potential of the environment can and should have the worms.

We continue to develop our business, giving courses and speeches, always in contact with universities and others government agencies  for the continued development and improvement of organic agriculture through vermiculture.

We perform consulting for farmers in transition processes of chemicals to organic fertilizers and improved results and organic.

We also offer advice and monitoring for the development of new farms Vermiculture.

Our greatest commitment is customer service, to continuously improve the quality of our product tailored to the specific needs of each. And ensure supply for large orders, while maintaining the quality standards of the product.  We believe in the Organic Farming and Vermiculture because it is a new way of seeing the world, one which, in our opinion, will dominate the future.