Rock Dust (porphyry), containing silica, magnesium, potassium and trace minerals.

Documentary evidences shown that silica enhances efficiency and endurance in the cultivation of cereals and in general the resistance of plants to fungal diseases and insect attacks. It also promotes the uptake by plants of phosphorus and other trace minerals.

The soils remineralized with rock dust result in healthy plants with high nutritional quality content.

Mixing rock dust with vermicompost we´ll get an excellent substrate for any crop.

Can be used by foliar and soil.

1200 (60 bags)

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- Spread lightly without caking over the soil  ( 20-30 kg / Ha.)

- Can be applied in conjunction with vermicompost (20-30 kg / Ha)

- Apply every 2 - 3 months or 4 times per year (more depending on the soil condition and plant)

Practical experience with Julius Hensel's Stone Meal and his non-animal method of soil regeneration, has proven the following:

  1. That Stone Meal creates healthier, tastier, more vitaminized and mineralized foods.

  2. That Stone Meal creates immunity to insect infestation, worms, fungi and plant diseases of all kinds.

  3. That Stone Meal improves the keeping and shipping quality of foods, so that they keep a long time, in contrast to the rapid deterioration of foods given abundant animal manure.

  4. That Stone Meal helps plants to resist drought and frost, enabling them to survive when those fed on manure and chemicals perish.

  5. That Stone Meal produces larger crops which are more profitable because the farmer is saved the expense of buying chemical fertilizers which are rapidly leached from the soil by rainfall, whereas Stone Meal, being less soluble, is gradually released during the course of years and remain in the soil, being the most economical of fertilizers.

  6. That foods raised with Stone Meal are better for human health and the prevention of disease than those grown with chemicals or animal manure.

  7. That use of Stone Meal, in place of chemical or animal fertilizers, helps to end the spraying menace (by removing its cause) is proven by the fact that plants and trees grown with Stone Meal are immune to pests and so require no spraying.



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