Tea Worm is made from the castings of worms that have been soaked in water and then oxidized. It is an organic, environmentally safe product. The benefits of the worm tea for plants come from the bloom of good bacteria that form in the oxidation process. Nitrogen, calcium, phosphate, potash and magnesium are in worm tea. Worm tea must be aerated in the correct manner in order for it to be beneficial.

  • Natural Repellent

Worm tea is a natural repellent for white flies, scale, aphids and mites. The removal of natural pests to plants will help the plant and fruit grow in a healthy manner.

  • Soil

Worm tea is a natural fungicide both for the soil and the plant surface. It helps to create colloidal humus which is beneficial to the plants. Worm tea acts like a soil conditioner that helps with water retention and creates a soil that is healthy.

  • Plants

Worm tea is a natural product that will not burn the plant leaves and fruit. It will increase the size of the plant stem and foliage. The fruits and vegetables will grow larger and healthier than using commercial fertilizers. Worm tea is a natural product that helps in maintaining a green environment.


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