Wellcome to the VERMICULTURE!

We are in a strategic location, with optimal conditions for production, both climatic and raw materials.
It is a privileged location at incomparable surroundings in entire nature, situated together to the principals communication tracks, next to the Guadalquivir river, in the province of Córdoba.

For crops to grow healthy and productive healthy soil is needed. Are soil microorganisms that provide plant food they need, how they need, when they need it. The Vermicompost LOMBRICOR, brings to the ground all of these vital microorganisms for the quality of their crops.

If the soil is healthy, the plants that we grow and eat are full of minerals and vitamins that our bodies need for good health.

Each farmer or llivestock property can help the earth, leaving the best workers of Mother Nature develop its function to convert organic waste into one of the most valuable potential fertilizer and reduce landfill at the same time.

The objectives of Lombricor are:

Development and production of organic solids and liquids fertilizers for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Development and improvement of products derived from humus like tea worms and bio-fertilizers.

Advice on the application of vermicompost, for optimizing the production of different types of crops and soil fertilization.

Custom solutions for farmers by the disposal and utilization of organic waste, producing vermicompost.

Sale of worms, for creating new earthworm farms, animal feed and for fishing.

Promote research programs about the manufacturing of flours and animal feed from worms.

We invite you to explore our website and if you have any questions or need more information, please contact us!